Sunday, February 4, 2007

190 miles

Today I'm really sore. Yesterday, I rode 190 miles (see AZ Brevets).

It was the 2nd time I've touched my bike this year (see earlier blog entry on the eve of stupidity). That's why today my body is aching.

First the statistics: 11:25 ride time. 12:50 total time. 190 miles. 5500 kJ (SRM powermeter). Intake: 3300 kcal (est.)

Long distance bike nutrition is all about continually fueling the body to meet the massive kcal deficit: staving off the bonk while not overfilling and upsetting the stomach. I tend to eat on the bike only. At the checkpoints, I get my brevet card stamped/signed, grab water, use the bathroom and that's about it. Nutrition cost: $23.

160 oz dilute Sustained Energy ($4) 800 kcal (est.)
2 Powerbars and 2 Balance bars. ($4) 880 kcal
3 Clif Shot Blok packets ($5) 600 kcal
8 Gu ($8) 800 kcal
24oz Coke ($2) 300 kcal
After all that, I really enjoyed my dimsum today!

Given my lack of bike time this year, I rode conservatively, using my powermeter to keep my effort level low, especially on the Gates Pass approach on Sweetwater and the climb itself at mile 105. Last thing I needed was to attack the climb and die afterwards. After that, as usual, the headwind was persistent and strong on the I-10 Frontage road back up to Picacho Peak. At times, I rode alone, other times I got dropped, got caught or caught up to and rode with others. On the Frontage Rd, I banged my knee. My first crash on a brevet since I started riding them in 1996. I was riding with two Ironmen, one guy touched the wheel of his buddy, fell and I was inches from his back wheel and had nowhere to go. Over the top of his bike I went. Banged my knee, a bit of blood and bruising around a rib or two. Fortunately, my bike was ok, i.e. no tacoed wheel. Not a showstopper.

Today the knee is a bit swollen. Got a 1 hour massage for my aching back and neck. Sauna, steam room and whirlpool should accelerate the recovery process. After all, I'd better get in some training before the 400k brevet (250 miler) comes up!

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