Friday, March 13, 2009

Grand Canyon: Sunrise on Bright Angel

Early morning pictures at the top of the Bright Angel Trail, South Rim, Grand Canyon Village AZ taken with my Olympus E-520 DLSR.

(I live within driving distance (Tucson) of the Canyon, but it's only my 2nd time doing a serious hike there. Previous day, I hiked South Rim to (Colorado) River and back with my friend Sasha in 8 hours 40 mins. Wasn't planning on being able to wake up in time for this.)

Let's take a brief look at the progress of the sun on Monday March 9 2009.


Just after first light. Direct sunlight has not yet reached the canyon.
Just a peek at the glow of the sun between clouds and the North Rim.

(Use the scoll bar at the bottom of the picture to see the panorama.)


4 minutes later, the red butte is beginning to glow.
(The warning sign to the left cautions against hiking Rim to River and back in one day.)


12 minutes later, the rocks above our heads at the top of the South Rim have become illuminated.


Seven minutes more, and we have what I think is a magical moment of dynamic range. Both full illumination and soft glow are present, before the full power of the sun makes itself felt for the rest of the day.

This part of the Bright Angel trail is still a little icy in March.

More on the previous day's hike to come...

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