Monday, April 13, 2009

UA Running Club

The University of Arizona has a student-led recreational running club.

There are short runs nearly every weekday evening.

Tonight's run at 6pm was from the UA Recreation Center through the campus, up the bicycling friendly Mountain Rd, to the high school. Out and back route.

There are so many online tools nowadays for tracking runs. According to the mashup, I did 3.84 miles with a total of 131 ft of climbing:

According to the data recorded by my running shoe, if you click on the link below you can see I set a pretty steady pace the whole way.

Here is the link:,runs,615641851,runID,605917793
(Data is from the Nike+ transmitter used with a 2nd generation Apple iPod Nano.)
Wierdly enough, the embedded Nike+ flash object shows a very jagged run:

Anyway, 4.15 miles at 7'02" min/mile pace (uncalibrated). Sounds good, but if we trust, the actual distance was a more conservative 3.84 miles. This means the true pace was 7'36" min/mile.

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