Friday, February 24, 2012

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I've been neglecting my running recently.

For a variety of reasons, I've come up with excuses not to run. Lack of sleep, tiredness, work etc. In fact, I haven't run for a whole month. Shame on me. I put on so much weight, I just had to hit the treadmill today.

It's not that I don't have reasons to run. In fact, I've had a new run toy since Christmas. See below.

This is Sony's brand-new XBA-BT75 wireless earphones. They weigh almost nothing, 20g on my scale, that's less than 1 ounce. And these were not available in most countries when I got them over Christmas. So I was pretty chuffed about that. Plus the matching black Sony TMR-BT8iP bluetooth adaptor since Apple's iPod Nano 6g does't have built-in bluetooth.

The reason why I wanted this was of course to have a purely wireless connection between my earphones and the Nano. See:

My Nano is attached to my waistband (as recommended by Apple to get maximum accelerometer accuracy). And as you can see, wireless. Nothing between the earphones and my Nano to get tangled up. (The left and right earphones are wired together though.)

The earphones are rechargeable despite being so small (3.7V built-in Lithium ion battery). Battery life is rated by Sony at 3.5 hours. The bluetooth adapter is a considerable power drain on the Nano though. After an hour, my Nano reports a bit less than half the battery life remaining. So it won't do for a full marathon (not that I'm in any shape to run one right now.) So I guess the Nano will be the limiting factor.

Okay, enough about gadgets and back to running. I needed to lose weight. That means run volume. Unfortunately, since I'm out of shape, I can't survive a long continuous workout. So what to do?

The solution is to adopt run coach Jeff Galloway's run-walk training system. (See his website here.)

He says the run-walk-run ratio should correspond to the training pace used. And he recommends 4 min/walk 35 seconds for 8 min mile pace, and 4 min run-1 min walk at 9 min mile pace. I decided to run one complete mile at 8.5 min mile pace and walk for 90 seconds. While walking, I can rehydrate and towel off. Then do another mile. Repeat a total of 7 times to get comfortably over the 10K distance for the entire workout. (Total completed was actually 11.2 km.)

Here's the graph as reported by my iPod Nano:

Although my run was pathetic, I burned a total of 950 kcal. And to lose weight and regain my running legs, that's the kind of volume I need to do. I'm going to run every other day now until I'm back in decent shape.

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