Wednesday, March 14, 2012

K-town New York

It has been a long time, hasn't it?
The Big Apple hasn't been on the itinerary for a while.

Home of the Empire State Building pictured on the left.
Eighty years young.
Barely makes it into the top 20 list of tall buildings in the world, such as times have changed.
Once the tallest in the world. Not by a long shot now.
However, it's once again the tallest building in New York City.

I'm here for work. A wonderful opportunity for sure, for which I'm very grateful.

But it's on my Spring Break. Normally, I'm sure New York wouldn't come to mind for anyone when primed with the magic phrase "Spring Break". But hey, I'm here and uncharacteristically, the weather was perfect.

So anyway, I thought it'd be cool to relax and catch up with a few of the cycling forum folk, some of which I haven't had the opportunity to meet up in person for a very long time.

From left to right, Parkin Lee, Anthony Moye, yours truly and Evan Marks.

I had a couple courtesy of Anthony inside The Ginger Man pictured here:

Unfortunately, that was on a totally empty stomach. (I hadn't eaten since breakfast.)

Nevertheless, I couldn't turn down the rare opportunity of Maudite on tap (outside of Quebec), but at 8% alcohol, it's serious beer.

Since I'm based within a block of the Empire State Building, it feels like it's all K-town.

Before I could demonstrate a faceplant on the sidewalk, fortunately three of us decamped to Han Sik Kang Suh on 32rd for Korean BBQ .
(Won Jo across the road, where I've been before, seemed very full. There was a crowd milling outside.)

To tell the truth, I also had Korean the night before. I certainly can't complain at all about the Gobdol Bi Bim Bab at Han Bat almost literally next door to my hotel. Reasonably priced, full of Koreans. As soon as I got into town, I had to go for it to get it off my mind. Stone pot style. Excellent.

One of the very best things about New York City, the ethnic food.

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  1. btw, dunno what the advertising in the window is about but the restaurant is called Kang Suh.