Friday, January 18, 2008

marathon pictures rant

Action Sports International is the outfit that took pictures at the marathon.

They want $35 for a single digital download at 1024x1536 resolution (barely more than laptop screen resolution and not good for enlarging), or $80 for all of them. In this age of inexpensive 10MP cameras, this is pitiful!

For the money, you get a limited license to use the jpg (no RAW):

This license allows you to make prints from this file, and to use the image for any other personal use, but does not grant any copyright to the image.

Sounds a bit restrictive: I'm not even sure you can put it up on your own website or blog.

A 10 x 16 print is $55.

They took 3 snaps of me:

UPDATE: In the interests of full disclosure, having said all that, I went ahead and ordered the electronic download of the 2nd picture. Apparently, 1024x1536 is what they use for printing. I'll see if it stands enlargement...

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