Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A marathon post-mortem litany

I need to remind myself of what's crucial before this event recedes into the distant reaches of my mind.

Just a couple of quick notes for posterity. (I put the aluminum foil backed space blanket that they hand out at the finish line on my laundry room wall. Every time I come home, it's the first thing I'll see entering from the garage.)

And perhaps that'd jog my memory to read this post many times (thanks to guys on cyclingforum for these!):

  • #1. Toughen up. Do one long run every weekend. 10 miles. A half-marathon.
  • Aerobic capacity. Short runs at higher speeds work but I overdid it.
  • Electrolyte tablets for cramps during long runs.
  • Running doesn't always translate well to cycling. Need to keep those muscles biking too.
  • Weight control.
Baseline fitness goes but doesn't come easy.


  1. If you need any additional motivation (and a good laugh)

  2. OMG, so funny... I need a running shirt with YO, HARDEN THE FUCK UP! on the back...