Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How do you know when you're really in Boston?

I'm here in Boston for six months.

I've been here since January.

But at what point does it really hit home?
  1. When you get your first parking ticket?

    You're parked in a metered spot. But you didn't notice the first Tuesday of the month there's no parking between 2am and 6am. Eh. At least you can pay online.
  2. When you hit a pothole big enough to take out your front tire?
    (No pics. But it was dark and late at night in Medford. Coming around a corner. Wham!)

    Whacked the tire hard enough to put an (unrepairable) hole in its sidewall. $166.
    Bonus points: when AAA tells you it's the third one on that pothole that night.
  3. A parking space right in front of the entrance for China Pearl on Sunday for dim sum.

    When you realize the chances of find such a space in Chinatown is essentially the same as winning the state lottery.
That's when you really know you live in Boston...

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  1. Sandi ... From Dan Fallon (cyclingforum) Thank you for your comment about how your friend labored on his bent on your overseas event. Unless I have a recurrence of the blocked ducts I've decided I'd rather finish second to last on my upright (Litespeed Vortex Compact with Dura Ace gruppo) in the RAINSTORM (triri.org) event than finish last on the Bacchetta Aero ti recumbent.