Thursday, April 3, 2008

Springtime in New England

It really felt like Spring today in Boston. In the fifties (F) with sunny blue skies.

A quick opportunity to get a short and leisurely 28 mile loop before temperatures plummet again and the rain moves in.

Unlike out west (Arizona), New England has the advantage of having a dense network of backroads. Given local knowledge, it's possible to put together a beautiful and relatively traffic-free ride in a major metropolitan area. A friend, Pete Hausner, showed me one such route from his place in Newton.

With a Garmin etrex Vista GPS receiver in my jersey pocket, I recorded the route for posterity (here mapped on Goggle Earth):

(Click here for a larger view.)

The satellite imagery really gives a nice idea of the surrounding urban density and green areas. (Notice how we skirted around Needham.)

And despite near total unfamiliarity, I can use the recorded tracklog again. With the street level mapping capabilities of the Etrex Vista, I can now re-ride the loop and not miss a turn anytime I want:

Thanks Pete!

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