Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shenzhen Ping Pong: reverse penhold backhand loop against underspin

This continues the discussion of the penhold backhand loop using the reverse side of the paddle that was introduced In the previous Shenzhen ping pong entry (see here).

In this entry, we illustrate the use of the reverse penhold backhand loop against the underspin serve.

Against a good underspin serve, the paddle must be dropped below table height during the setup phase as shown in the frames below:

[Scroll to see all the frames.]

As with the regular backhand loop, weight begins on the left foot and is transferred over to the right side.

Likewise, once contact is made, the followthrough is forwards and to the right. However, the finishing point is higher than that for the non-underspin ball.

Contrast the position of the paddle in the last frame above with frame #5 from the previous blog entry (repeated here):

With these two key differences in mind, let's go to our one minute video clip (direct link):

[This clip was uploaded in HD (1280 x 720). On YouTube, you can turn on HD in full screen mode for a clearer picture.]

There are various basic mistakes that are possible with this stroke. I'm going to take the opportunity to experiment with titling in video clips, and illustrate three common mistakes (that I usually make):

[Direct link.]

Next time: against the short underspin serve.


  1. impressive stroke in only 1 month's training. Have you played in a tournament yet to see any improvements? That's easily a 2200 stroke if you can smoothly fit it into your game.

  2. I like your blog, your attitude, your taste for photgraphs and travelling, and most of all, your RPB :P
    Im about to begin that journey, so if you dont mind I´ll be asking you for advice :D

  3. thanks Max! It's a fun journey... ask away

    Calvin: integrating it is hard for me, goes against what I normally do, so have to make a special effort to use it when it gets tight...