Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just 3 miles

I ran just 3 miles around the campus this evening. And suffered horribly. As the students disappeared into the distance ahead of me, I immediately rued my training neglect.

(Last time I posted about running outdoors it was September 2nd. See A Sunset Run.)

As the graph above from my iPod Nano shows, I only managed to last 4 mins at 14 km/hr (8.5 mph) before slowing down to run at my own pace (a bit under 13 km/hr, or just below 8 mph). Have to say this is a pretty good loop around campus.

I could say I am 10lbs heavier than optimal and lack training miles. But the fact is, I'm old and my legs just can't implement what my brain wills it to do anymore. I'm fundamentally slower and need to take my time. As I completed the loop around campus, I was simply happy my lungs and legs held out for the distance. Average pace 7'38" per mile. To my surprise, my iPod congratulated me on a new benchmark 7'22" mile. Ya take what ya can get.

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