Friday, April 20, 2012

Replacement IPod Nano

I got this replacement iPod Nano from my local Apple Store today.

Earlier this week, my iPod Nano (6th generation), see picture below, stopped holding a charge. The symptom was that I'd charge it up and the charge would drain quickly. Then when I went to use it at the gym, I'd be frustrated since there'd be no battery left.

When I got to the Apple Store, they said it was out of warranty. I've had it since September 2010. Also, the battery is not user-replaceable: no good taking it to Batteries Plus.

The lithium-ion batteries used in these iDevices have a limited number of charges. Then they essentially become disposable. I'm not sure if that's the case with my particular Nano, or perhaps the battery shorted out during one of my workouts. In any case, a new 8GB Nano runs $129. They offered to replace mine for $59. (Plus tax.) See the so-called "repair" invoice below.

It's a big relief to not have to shell out full price for a new one. Still, it seems a shame that device won't be fixed. Even though these things retail for more than $100, it costs more to take them apart and replace the battery than to toss out.

Note not all iPod Nano "repairs" cost the same. The Apple Genius told me that if the screen was cracked, it'd be $99, nearly the price of a new one. The repair is the same, i.e. a replacement device, but the cost is different if that makes sense to you.

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