Monday, April 16, 2012

Stiga Rosewood NCT V, SuperCPen S style

I have a new table tennis blade. It's a Stiga Rosewood NCT V. Xu Xin (許昕) is the superstar who uses this blade. However, mine is customized for me by Dai Feng of San Diego (Mr. SuperCPen) in size small (for my smaller hands) from the original shakehands blade. Weight (without rubber) is 80g.


I've only played with it once. Compared to my 77g Butterfly Innerforce ZLC-based SuperCPen S, this is a slightly heavier but slower blade with better control. I've been able to adapt to the new paddle almost immediately. However, my loops are significantly weaker.

I've been having some wrist problems lately, so I've attempted here to minimize the total weight of the paddle. Shown on the scale here at 154g with Butterfly Tenergy 05 for the forehand:

I've experimented with cutting away as much unnecessary rubber as possible. As a result the red Tenergy 05FX barely covers more than 60% of the backhand side:

The paddle handle itself is hollow and rather delicate. I've already cracked it.

Workmanship is not quite as good as the Butterfly blades. Dai Feng remarked on this when taking the handle apart. An earlier version I sent him showed rather poor construction. Despite being made in Sweden, it was defective manufacturing. The plys came apart. Dai was able to slide a piece of paper inbetween:

However, it's considerably cheaper than Butterfly pricing.


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