Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pactour Elite Southern Transcontinental: Day 5

Day 5: Springerville AZ to Socorro NM
Mileage/Ride Time: 154 miles 8:28 Time Lv/Arr: 6:00am/4:32pm (+1 MTN time)
Climbing: 4000ft Avg Speed/Work: 18.1mph/3286 kJ

I got read the riot act by Susan Notorangelo this morning.

She said: "See this board? Those are the time limits.
I'll be at the first stop (22 miles).
If you don't make it, you're in the van."
(I was 3rd last of those who finished yesterday.)
Well, she definitely put the Fear of God in me.

I needed to recover from overextending myself yesterday.
But I also needed to make the time cut.
And there was climbing before that checkpoint.
Which means, I'm not going to be able to hang in a paceline.
And if your legs don't go, you don't go.

My heart rate felt high when I woke at 5am. Not a good sign. On the bike, I had a narrow range of 110-140bpm to work with. My heart rate just wouldn't go higher no matter how I huffed and puffed. That meant I was toast - not recovered from the previous day's 11000ft of effort.

Well, I was relieved to make the time cut.

I have Dan Fuoco of Florida to thank. Strong but cool. Never hurries. Recovers well each day. Very relaxed demeanor at the stops. And still makes good time. He is the reason I made it today.

Although it was 154 miles, and if you're tired it's still a long way, nevertheless Route 60 in New Mexico is absolutely beautiful. It has rollers to make the 4000ft of climbing. But,as you can see from the profile, there were two gorgeous descents over 10 miles long. And a tailwind for long portions. That really, really helped.



  • I have developed a taste for beef jerky. Feels satisfying to chew a little something while riding.
  • We crossed the Continental Divide today. Mile 72.7 (7,729ft) after 3000ft of climbing. It was wierd to see the sign, and then start climbing more.
  • Since I was always near the back, never saw any watermelon at the stops. Price to pay for being slow.
  • I wonder if I can do better tomorrow. However, if there is one word to describe the Elite Southern Transcontinental, it's INTENSE. No chance to recover if you dig yourself a hole. Day 6: 172 miles and 6000ft.


  1. Great stuff, Sandi. I've ridden with Lon & Susan before in S. AZ, so I can appreciate the stories (riot act:) and pics. Hang in!

  2. You're a trooper. It best describes you and your effort. Keep up the good work. Also, keep in mind that the longer you stay, the stronger you become.